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Reviews & Testimonies


"Best Renaissance Men
The Brobdingnagian Bards
Marc Gunn and Andrew McKee, aka the Bards for short, have been spreading ye old good word far and wide ever since their days on the South Mall at UT. Austin?s prime purveyors of Renaissance and medieval folk music and what-have-you made quite the impression during SXSW 2002, as they traipsed about in full kilt regalia. Their surprise MP3 hit, "Tolkien (The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings)," got its two millionth download and has spawned a Tolkien tribute album, due for fall release. Just like the second LOTR movie ..." --Austin Chronicles, Best of Austin 2002

"The B-Bards continue to redefine the future of traditional music."
--Celtic World Radio

"Bottling the spirit of a live performance within the confines of a studio album...A Faire to Remember is a fun and entertaining collection, a mix of traditional and newer tunes that goes a long way towards recreating the atmosphere of a Renaissance faire performance... The CD is filled with an infectious enthusiasm that will draw you in and have you singing along in short order."
--The Greenman Review

"Among the most whimsical acts of SXSW 2002, the Austin-based Bards are masters of traditional folk. Like a Celt-Renaissance They Might Be Giants, albums like Marked by Great Size and their latest, A Faire to Remember are equal parts lilting melodies and good humor. Their song "Tolkien" is an unexpected MP3 hit." --Austin Chronicle

"Pour yourself a shot of Jameson, throw another mat of peat on the fire and let the Bards carry you away to the Emerald Isle." --Bill Cunningham, Chautauquan

TOLKIEN (The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings)
"I heard this recently and thought it was great. It's like the old 45's - you could play it over and over. Reminded me that it's time to read the books again!"
-- The Swansea Radio Alternative (South Wales)

"One of these people is Marc from The Brobdingnagian Bards and The Bards Crier in Austin, TX............... Marc is a great musician that we have met over the internet. He is a wonderful Celtic player, promoter, writer and editor of the Bards Crier newsletter. His chart topping group, the Brobdingnagian Bards is very well known in the Austin area for their unforgettable performances. We applaud his talent and great spirit. We also thank him for all his support of the independent and Celtic music communities."
-- Cilette and Roman of Gypsy Soul

"There's always something new from these boys so last week I clicked on their music and listened through all 49 tracks on their artist site while I worked. Their hit Tolkien is still the track that stands out just as it did when I first heard the group in their pre-hit days before being their NMA promoter. There are some tracks .. are also gems worth adding to your download library. The Mermaid, one of the recent set of live Irish tunes and an Celtic hit is my favorite from that set.

Because The Bards are a natural hit with all that they do I tend to ignore saying much about them. My focus is usually to boost interest in great music that few have heard. However, it is always worth visiting the music site of The Brobdingnagian Bards and bookmark it. Once a week click your bookmark to see what's new because they seem to add new music almost every week."
-- John Wilmott, Celtic Ways


"I have seen you twice at dragon con the past 2 years and I think ya'll are GREAT... I got your Middle earth and I think it is so wonderful, I wanted to get you to autograph it this past year, but never got to get close enough, there were so many people there, but this year I will be on the front row and i will get to talk to you, somehow. I think your music is so beautiful and soothing,and I think you are fnatastic....see you in September 2005 at Dragon..."
-- Vic, South Carolina

"I saw you guys for the first time at Dragon Con this year although I regret I didn't get to hear you perform a full show I did hear you play in a hallway somewhere in the bowels of the convention center Sunday night and enjoyed it immensely. Since you all are in the Texas area and I'm in KY I guess my next chance to see a show will be next year at Dragon Con. In the meantime, I'm keeping myself satisfied with your stuff on and contemplating buying a CD. Wishing you continued success!" -- Amy

"Let's put it this way, they arrive early. They play music. The play throughout the day. The day is over and their still playing music. We love them!"
--Hamlet of Mid-Missouri Renaissance Festival

"We had planned on having a string quartet at our wedding. While looking on the web for groups, we ran across The Bards. We immediately called Karen's dad, since he was footing the bill, and played Tolkien over the phone. It was an instant hit and we later chose it as the solo for our wedding ceremony. We decided to be a little different and use Maids in the Meadow for the recessional. It was wonderful!"
--Karen and Erik Hayden, Newlyweds

"We had the great pleasure to meet the Bards at the ICON at Stony Brook University the weekend of April 20 -21. It was our first introduction to a group we will (hopefully) be following for many years to come. We were able to watch them in concert and purchased 3 of their CD's, only the emptiness of our purse prohibiting the buying of anymore at the time. We look forward to completing our collection in the near future as well as the release of their next CD as we would very mucg like to have a copy of their "Fellowship of the Ring" song which they played to close out their Sunday morning show."
-- Debra Mann, NY

"I've been involved in renaissance festivals for 9 years, and I've seen a lot of music groups, but I'd never felt compelled to purchase a tape or cd from any one of them until this year when I saw you crazy kids at the Slater, MO ren fest. You guys are fun and extraordinarily good at what you do. "
--Kerry Durrill, Nagian

"The Bards brought their unique blend of Celtic music to BD Riley’s on Wednesday. I have heard them a number of times before and I think the 45-50 minutes did not do justice to the range of music they can play. It was fun nevertheless, starting off with the catchy (and very funny) ‘Do Virgin’s Taste Better’ and followed up by a blitz songs such as ‘Bog Down Under’ and ‘The Jedi Drinking Song’ (this was hilarious for you Star Wars fans out there – a must hear) – ultimately underlining the different styles the Bards play and refer to as Celtic Renaissance. Overall a very enjoyable experience. " -- SXSW Review

"Im killing time here after sending a booking inquiry. I love your music. I started listening to your music from mp3 even before I joined the mailing list. Keep up the great work."
--Virginia Renaissance Festival

"You made my day."
--South Mall patron

"The music
makes the air sweeter
the grass softer under my bare feet
The girl across the lawn is prettier
I feel calm and wise
how absurd
But that guy on roller blades
feels as if he's having more fun
And we eat and study
a little happier"
--Poetry given by anonymous UT student

"Definitely some of the best RenFest music out there! You guys are a constant inspiration to the rest of us." -- Julie Zakar, MD Nagian

"I saw you guys at the I-con and I must say You are so amazing. I really love you enegry when you play the songs. you guys make them just come to life. Thanks for posing with me for the pic. Even though my mom could not work the camara she got a good shot. ( oh i am the red head with very very red cheecks and blue eyes ( yes i am irish :) ) I had a black dress and a blue and white sweater) I do have a copy of the pic you guys would like one. I hope catch you guys at another fair or I-con. ( i was there saturday at I-con 21) I just wanted to say I love your music and i think it is so great you are keeping tradtion alive and you guys are so so cute as well. O.k. I am going to leave now. But keep up the great work"

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